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CapacitaMoz is a platform that represents building capacity in and for Mozambicans. Our definition of Capacity Building is: the process by which individuals and organizations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, competence, experience, tools, equipment and/or other resources needed to do their jobs competently.

Mozambique LNG, in the context of Local Content, is actively contributing to the capacity building of local stakeholders; either of Mozambican citizens, local Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), or local institutions. Such is achieved by fostering industry development in Mozambique by strengthening local business competitivity through customized solutions, by and for local stakeholders.

To achieve its objectives, CapacitaMoz operates within 4 main pillars, being:

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  • Disseminate information to the larger business community through internal initiatives and collaborations with local Business Associations.

Identify and Prioritize needs

  • Through defined project Benchmarks;
  • Conducting industry Surveying and Mapping; and
  • Engagements with stakeholders through questionnaires & diagnostics.



  • Generalized awareness sessions;
  • Specific course-based training programs;
  • International certification programs; and
  • Coaching & Mentoring.

Business Linkages

  • Encouraging networking;
  • Conducting contracting workshops; and
  • Facilitating Business-2-Business Speed dating events.
Partnerships to maximise local content

Capacity building progress to-date

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Know us

CapacitaMoz is the platform designed to house all the initiatives related to Mozambican MSMEs, current or aspiring entrepreneurs, citizens, and institutions’ Capacity Building driven by Mozambique LNG. The origin of its name derives from the Portuguese translation for building capacity, being Capacitamos, and a play on words of the target audience which are Mozambicans, hence, CapacitaMoz.

It's centered around activities and mechanisms aimed at maximizing knowledge and skills transfer to the Government, Mozambican companies, and national citizens.

CapacitaMoz also serves as a hub for parties to access all Mozambique LNG led Capacity Building initiatives and training programs, events, business opportunities, and information regarding the broader market and other business development programs in Mozambique.

CapacitaMoz’s mission is to make a strong impact locally, conduct initiatives that result in positive growth and improvement, and be a reference of high regard in the market when it relates to contributing to building the capacity of Mozambican citizens, companies, and institutions.

Within this mission, CapacitaMoz will house generalized trainings that occur in-person (if permitted by the COVID-19 mandates) and online, allowing for a nationwide reach of participants and to conduct trainings simultaneously.

The implementation of initiatives will be in partnership with Private and Public institutions as the implementation partners.

The Mozambique LNG Local Content division is committed to promoting economic development and national industrialization. We understand that implementing an industrial development plan is a long-term undertaking which requires the training of people, capital investment and maintaining a steady level of activity enabling the created production base to survive and thrive.

The approach being applied to achieve such local content development aims to capitalize on the development to build the capacity of the local workforce and local businesses, which will drive the growth of Mozambique’s oil and gas industry, and the economy as a whole. CapacitaMoz will be the driving force, and the platform dedicated to build capacity among local citizens and MSMEs to support economic growth within and outside the Oil & Gas sector.

CapacitaMoz’s purpose is to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop and implement skills development programs for local MSMEs, citizens and institutions, aimed at building capacity at a community and national level;
  • Facilitate the formation of joint ventures and partnerships between Local companies as well as Local & International companies;
  • Assist with the improvement of management and technical capabilities in Mozambican companies;
  • Provide support to existing institutions in Mozambique by increasing knowledge, conducting facilities upgrades for technical, vocational and/or commercial work and implementing technology transfer;
  • Avail internships, On-The-Job trainings, and the addition of national citizens in industry-related activities, mentorships, and scholarships; and
  • Partner with and provide support to local educational institutions.

In order to achieve its objectives, CapacitaMoz’s strategy revolves around applying and implementing initiatives based on these main points:

Support to Mozambican MSMEs through:

  • Coaching & Mentoring;
  • Analysis and recommendations for improvement;
  • Dedicated training programs;
  • Support for establishment of partnerships;
  • Support with international certification; and
  • Support with access to Finance.

Support to Mozambican Institutions through:

  • Refurbishment of training facilities;
  • Provision of appropriate training equipment; and
  • “Train the Trainers” programs.

Support to Mozambican citizens through:

Dedicated training programs;

  • Vocational training
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Soft skills, amongst others.

Support with educational aspects;

  • Placement in Internships
  • Attribution of Scholarships

Market Study

TotalEnergies’ Local Content strategy extends to not only project direct requirements, but also to the status of economic development in the Cabo Delgado Province. In alignment with this Local Content strategy, the Cabo Delgado Market Study was commissioned to establish the Province’s competences in terms of supply of goods and services, by providing market information on various actors, including companies, business associations and technical vocational training institutes, and was conducted by Deloitte. The key sectors assessed during the study were civil and construction, transport and logistics and general trade.

The study also allowed the establishment of an updated database of 1137 companies, the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the ecosystems of the main actors in each of the sectors and mapping of the main sources of supply in the province.