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Empowering local producers in Northern Mozambique

Elaco Horrera


In Macua, one of the dominant local languages in Cabo Delgado, Elaco Horrera means nice chicken or frango bonito in Portuguese. A local company by that name has teamed up with Catalisa and the Mozambique LNG project to turn those “nice chickens” into a successful business.

With little more than a year in the market, the team of 18 Pemba locals at Elaco Horrera have doubled the company’s production from 5, 000 eggs per day to 10,000 and expects, by the end of the year, to expand to 35,000 eggs day. Elaco Horrera is the first egg production unit of this magnitude in the entire province of Cabo Delgado and its commercial production have increased the availability of Mozambican eggs in the local market, reducing the need for imported eggs.

Mohammad Latif, Elaco Horrera’s Managing Director, says “we are honored to be part of a project of this magnitude. Working with a company like Total demands a lot of responsibility from us, particularly as a very new company. But we accepted the challenge and we will move on and tomorrow we will be a reference throughout the country.”

Elaco Horrera


As part of the broader social investment strategy of Total Mozambique LNG, Catalisa is creating new opportunities for farmers and young people in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique through inclusive private sector led economic development. By supporting the development of strong agribusinesses and building youths’ skills, Catalisa is catalyzing increased investment, incomes, local employment, and the creation and growth of self-sustaining businesses.

The program supported the development of business plans for implementing partners and established 2 demonstrations fields in Pemba and Montepuez for exchange experience and knowledge transfer between farmers and educational institutions regarding using of production technologies and sustainability of the projects.

Elaco Horrera


At the youth training components, Catalisa graduated a little more than 300 young people in life skills, employability and entrepreneurship to allowing them to be ready for the labor market in the province and even start their own business elsewhere.


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