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Local company awarded hospital rehabilitation contract

Hospital rehabilitation


The Total-led Mozambique LNG Project, awarded Oratha Construcões Lda, a Mozambican-owned company based in Pemba, a contract of more than $18 million meticais (about US $ 260.000) for hospital ward rehabilitation at the Provincial Hospital of Pemba, to serve as an isolation area for the hospitalization of COVID-19 patients. The ward rehabilitation, which will have a capacity to accommodate 50 patients, is part of TotalEnergies’ multiform support to the national response against COVID-19.

Hospital rehabilitation

Ronan Bescond, Country Chair of TotalEnergies in Mozambique said that “awarding the contract to Oratha is in line with of our local content policy that aims to provide business opportunities to Mozambican companies. Responding to our call for tender, Oratha provided a very competitive bid both technically and commercially and we were pleased to award the contract to a local company.


Mr Bescond says the participation of local companies in our project is of paramount importance, as it is part of our economic model and responds to the priorities set out by the Government of Mozambique and other interested parties.”

Gilto Muagirico, Oratha’s Director General, said: “This is the first time that we are working with a company with size of Total. Thus, this contract represents a great opportunity for growth and recognition in the commercial and professional fields”. According to Gilto Muagirico, “Oratha means “to do well”. Therefore, I would like to guarantee that we will do our best to carry out this contract to the best of our ability, based on Mozambican law and Total’ requirements and regulations. We are ready to work with Total not only in the City of Pemba, but in the entire northern region of Mozambique”.


Gilto Muagirico added that the company currently has 47 permanent and 80 seasonal workers, with 34 workers being involved in the ongoing ward rehabilitation, of which 10 are permanent and 24 are seasonal.  

Hospital rehabilitation