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Mozambican Companies Enabled to Improve Their Competitiveness in the Market

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from Cabo Delgado and Maputo benefit from a pilot program to support the certification of in the international quality management standard - ISO 9001: 2015.

The program, sponsored by Mozambique LNG project, and it’s implementation monitored by Total – led Mozambique LNG project, the National Institute for Standardization and Quality (INNOQ) and the Institute for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (IPEME being Energy Works, Lda (EW), the company engaged to train the selected SMEs.

The program aims to support Mozambican SMEs with techniques and tools to improve their competitiveness in accessing the opportunities offered by the value chain of gas projects in Mozambique, as well as by other businesses implemented in the country.


Training on firefighting system - Sprinkler

Training on firefighting system - Sprinkler

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This program has already started to produce positive results, as witnessed by Extin, a Mozambican company specialized in the supply of equipment, implementation, maintenance and technical support for firefighting, personal and electronic security areas.   

According to Edelson Chana, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager at the company, clear improvements are already noticeable throughout the company’s value chain: “We saw a great improvement in the company, because with the trainings we are clear about the role of each worker and the care to be taken in the service.”

Technical team – firefighting management

Technical team – firefighting management


He adds, “certification is a lever that will lead us to greater standardization and therefore, it will highlight our differential and quality in the sector in which we operate.”

Edelson Chana also mentions that, because of the program, the company has increased its client portfolio, which includes the Total-led Mozambique LNG project. 

“As a result of better organization and improvement in the quality of the services provided, we were able to enter into interesting fire extinguisher maintenance contracts with several entities, including the CCS JV consortium, the main contractor for engineering, procurement and construction of the liquefied natural gas facilities of the Mozambique LNG project, Ministry Economy and Finance and German Development Cooperation. ” concluded Edelson Chana.


Firefighting and maintenance workshop

Firefighting and maintenance workshop

Extin is currently in the process of conducting an Internal Audit to the Integrated Management System for Safety and Health at Work, Environment and Quality and, by the end of 2020, Extin should contact the External Certification Body, namely INNOQ, with a view to proceed with the Company’s certification.

The 40 companies participating in the program are already at an advanced stage of training and it is expected that they will soon be able to apply for certification by any certification body duly accredited for the purpose.