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Tio Peixe grows with LNG contract



When Tio Peixe was founded in 2008, the eight-man operation was focused on the distribution of frozen fish to informal markets in and around Maputo. 

The small business, which is Mozambican-owned, was doing well, but its fortunes really began to change in 2010 when the company formed a strategic partnership with IFS – the catering and camp management company subcontracted by CCSJV for the Mozambique LNG Project.

Tio Peixe

During the competitive tender process, Tio Peixe stood out thanks to its proven performance and reliability. Over time, the company’s flexibility and capacity to grow as the Project and IFS have expanded have delivered real gains for Tio Peixe, its employees and the local fishing industry.

One of the challenges for local industry has been access to cool storage and refrigerated transportation.  When Tio Peixe and IFS joined forces in 2010, the company had cool storage capacity of 1,800T.  This expanded to 5,000T in 2015 and 10,000T today.  To further support growth, the company invested in a fleet of refrigerated trucks – including 20 dedicated solely to the Mozambique LNG Project.

This investment, and the company’s continued success, has allowed Tio Peixe to expand its business to supply supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.  The company now employs 75 full time staff across seven locations.