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The Mozambique LNG project is committed to promoting economic development and national industrialisation. Implementing an industrial development plan is a long-term undertaking; it requires the training of people, capital investment and maintaining a steady level of activity so that the created production base survives and thrives.

We are taking an integrated approach to local content development, which means work will be ongoing for the life of the project – including both the construction and operations phases.  This approach aims to capitalize on the development phase to build the capacity of the local workforce and local businesses, which will drive the growth of Mozambique’s oil and gas industry, and the economy more broadly.


The Project’s local content strategy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Promote the establishment of an oil & gas industry in Mozambique by:

  • Developing local industrial capacities & infrastructures;

  • Promoting the creation of joint ventures and partnerships between local and international companies to foster technology transfer and capacity building in the sector.

2. Develop the competences of Mozambican citizens within and outside the oil & gas sector by:

  • Optimizing the recruitment and training of Mozambicans within the Project (directly and through contractors and subcontractors) to promote a national oil & gas competence at both national and local community levels;

  • Developing competences to promote Mozambican citizens in management & supervisory positions, including through succession planning;

  • Strengthening Mozambican education and training institutions through a “training the trainers” program;

  • Providing support to selected universities and technical institutes.

3. Build capacities among local SMEs to support economic growth within and outside the oil & gas sector by:

  • Promoting industry enhancement centers;

  • Implementing targeted action plans to foster development of selected activities or sectors;

  • Establishing dedicated local community content development objectives.