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Webinar/Contracting Workshop

February 17 - 18, 2021


1. The business and transport consultancy is registered in the Achilles database, it appears that we already need to pay the annual fee, but no account details. 

2. We had the registration at Achilles but this year when trying to access, we are notified that the registration expired ad we restarted the registration and received another notification that said we would receive an email in 48h. As of today, nothing.

There are no fees to be paid from local companies to be registered on the platform. If you encounter any problem with Achilles, please contact: [email protected]


3. I represent a company that sells Office furniture. I am registered on your Achilles provider platform. However, from the beginning of my registration until today I have not had any requests for proposals or tenders from TotalEnergies. I would like to know why this exclusion for projects.

We kindly remind you that all the EOIs and CFT are all published in the newspapers. This source of information should remain the main one to identify / be informed of the business opportunities. The EOIs and CFT are also made available on the Mozambique LNG and CCS JV websites, we encourage you to visit them on a regular basis.

4. Is there a relationship between Ariba and Achilles? Which of these platforms should SMEs be registered with in order to be part of the supplier database?

There are no relations between the two platforms. Local suppliers are encouraged to register on Achilles as it is the main supplier registration database used for the Mozambique LNG project.

5. Can only companies registered on the Achilles platform be selected to access to the business opportunities

Local companies are encouraged to register themselves on the platform to increase their visibility towards the main contractors and subcontractors. But being registered is not a criterion of selection for the companies to participate in the EOIs.


  1. Sintimes Mozambique is registered on the websites of LNG, CCSJV to supply PPE but we have not received notifications to participate to the tenders and submit our proposals, can you please help us to overcome the impasse?
  2. There is a possibility to improve the treatment given to companies that successfully register but are never asked once to submit a proposal, companies need to know what their limitations are to improve
  3. Are there any opportunities to provide accommodation services in Pemba?
  4. When will we have opportunities to provide cleaning, laundry, housekeeping and catering services?
  5. Do you have an opportunity for the information technology area? What qualifications should we obtain for you to hire?
  6. Is it possible to send the document of TotalEnergies suppliers by attaching this document of local opportunities?
  7. Related to TotalEnergies' subcontractors, in 2020 they asked us for different quotations however unfortunately we have not received any feedback despite several insistences.

We kindly remind you that all the EOIs and CFT are published in the newspapers. This source of information should remain the main one to identify / be informed of the business opportunities.

All the current opportunities have been shared in the Forward Work Plan during the last edition of the contracting workshop. There are publicly available on project website as well as on the supplier registration platform Achilles.

Additional business opportunities will be published in the national newspapers, we encourage you to check these regularly.




1. In terms of training services, I didn’t get what are the required standards.

All the certifications and standards required are listed in the EOIs for reference. Please refer to specific EOIs to understand requirements.

2. While the certification process is taking place, can the company apply for services?

Yes. The company can apply for services mentioning the certification process it is engaged in.

3. What are the HSE requirements that SMEs have to have to work with TotalEnergies?

Contractor shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, codes of practice, permit requirements and procedures, and international best practices in its performance of the Work, and where required, demonstrate compliance to Company, including the requirements of Company standards (during Call for Tender stage), when requested by providing their HSE Management plan. 

4. Is there a specific HSE document for construction and installation in the Total DUAT?

Depending on the Scope of work received, Contractors shall develop and document a Project Specific HSE Plan which shall be submitted to Company for review and approval prior to Contract Award. The HSE Plan shall address the HSE risks specific to the Scope of Work as set out in the Contract and the management of controls to eliminate, reduce or mitigate these risks prior to any Work commencing at Site.

5. Are TotalEnergies / CCS JV have an emergency medical evacuation for workers of subcontractors that who will be working in Afungi or should the subcontractors hire this service/ insurance?

Firstly, all contractor must have a medical evacuation arrangement in place, which shall mobilize for the handover from the Company provided Medical Team in Pemba for Contractor (and Subcontractor) personnel.

If evacuation for more specialist care is necessary for Work related injuries, Company will provide suitable transport to the International Airstrip in Pemba where a hand-over to a medically equipped aircraft arranged by the Contractor would take place.

6. If I have in my team 5 workers who have done HSEC training and maybe have to fire one after having invested in several HSEC courses and have to hire a new employee, will this new employee have to take all courses again to be part of the team?

Yes. Contractor shall ensure Contractor (and Subcontractor) personnel are competent for the occupations and tasks to which they are assigned and ensure only personnel who are competent are engaged to undertake the Work. Contractor shall provide to TotalEnergies a copy of the aforesaid certificates prior to Work commencing and, where applicable, any renewal thereof if so, requested by Company.


1. Are the 1.1BUSD are covering the spends for local content for TotalEnergies, or does it include also CCS JV?


2. In the scope of the local contest, wouldn’t be fair if all TotalEnergies contracts, national companies were selected and these n turn went to the market to hire foreign companies to execute the operations? For now, we are assisting foreign companies to seize every opportunity.

An opportunity is given to all suppliers of that particular scope of work to participate. When an EOI is issued, national companies can participate as a JV with an international company. Secondly, when a contract is awarded to a national contractor, s/he can subcontract a foreign company (they must check the Mozambican law for contracting foreign companies); A bidder must be technically capable of fulfilling the scope and comply with all other criteria to be awarded the contract, so if the supplier bid, it’s because s/he believed and was certain that s/he had the capability.

3. Can we consult the companies awarded on the CCS JV website?

SMEs wishing to participate in the project's opportunities can contact subcontractors through the contacts that were provided during the workshop.

4. Many of the POs allocated to national companies are of a big amount and it is necessary to finance the import of equipment or materials from the Bank. Banks usually need to contact TotalEnergies or CCS JV or other contractors to obtain information about that PO or contract. Who on the TotalEnergies/ CCS JV side may be available for these responses to the banks?

The banks are already in possession of the contact details of the focal point within companies for information.

5. Many Mozambican companies have invested in building their business and bases in Palma which has been completely closed down since mid-December. What is the timeline for the reopening of Palma to subcontractors and project workforce?

We are working very closely with the government on security matters and hope to find a workable solution for the project and the businesses we partner with in a timely manner.

6. In general, opportunities do not include training services for Mozambican companies that provide the services. Are funds not provided and budgeted for SME training?

Mozambique LNG requires training service providers in a wide range of technical and non-technical services. We have already in our supply chain or through our contractors, training service providers supplying the project. In direct support to SME development, various Social Performance programs are active in Cabo Delgado. As announced during the workshop, the project is launching the Enterprise Development Program which will directly support SME development and will require training service providers for foundational and technical courses.

7. What are the hiring processes that TotalEnergies will allocate to small companies to help them grow, not only training but an opportunity to make a joint venture? Like helping them a joint venture.

We are starting to organize thematic Business to Business Speed Dating events. The first one in February was for “Training Service Providers” 12 companies had the opportunity to deliver a five-minute pitch on their training service offering. Since then several Mozambican and International companies have explore ways to work together.

Aside from fostering partnership events, a Building Partnership Training module for SMEs is going to be established, as well as information session about the business partnership in all its components.

Local Opportunities Seminar on July 9, 2020