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20/01/2020 Press release


The major contractor charged with the construction of the Total-led Mozambique LNG Project’s initial two train development, CCS JV, along with its main subcontractors, have yesterday presented themselves to business communities in Pemba city, in Cabo Delgado province. This follows the seminars held last December in Matola and Maputo cities.

The organizations presenting at the seminar in Pemba were:

  • CCS JV – Major Contractor for the overall engineering, procurement and construction of the LNG facility
  • IFS – Camp Management
  • Garda World – Security Services
  • Renco-Dorce-WBHO consortium – Camp Construction

All presented its forward plan for the procurement of goods and services, the required standards and the procedures to be followed.

At the occasion, the Permanent Secretary of the Government of the Province of Cabo Delgado, Daniel Mapure, said: "This forum, organized by Total in Cabo Delgado, appears as an endogenous experience of convergence of foreign direct investment and local development interests". Mapure also called on businesspeople to unite in consortia, cooperatives and associations to maximize business opportunities, having said that unity is strength and that "today, more than ever, the cohesion of Mozambican businesspeople is imperative. We strongly recommend that you invest in adapting quickly to the actual context to do business with these companies to the required standards and thus take a giant leap towards competitiveness and internationalization".

In his turn, Thomas Rodriguez, Local Content Manager at Total, said: ""local content development is an integral part of our business model. Good communication with stakeholders is key for a lasting and sustainable contribution to the economic and social development of our host regions. They know the country, we know our needs. That’s why dissemination of information relating to contracting opportunities with the Project is a core pillar of our local content plan."

"We want to make sure that local businesses have the information they need to bid and succeed."

"The Project expects to award contracts of up to $2.5 billion to Mozambican owned or registered companies over construction period. This represents more than one third of our total contract, with the bulk of the rest being spent on highly specialized, technical goods and services that cannot currently be sourced in Mozambique."

"We want to build a successful project in Mozambique and this is only possible with the participation of all relevant stakeholders, including Mozambican business community."

Since April last year, the Project has already covered 798 companies in 11 seminars to disseminate business opportunities and training companies in a wide range of subjects, including HSE (Health, Safety & Environment), legal and Procurement.