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Progress & Milestones

Offshore Area 1

To date, approximately 65 Tcf of recoverable natural gas has been discovered in the Offshore Area 1– the equivalent of a 12 billion barrel oil field. The results to date of the drillstem testing (DST) program in the Prosperidade and Golfinho/Atum complexes demonstrate the outstanding flow characteristics of the reservoirs. Each flow test successfully flowed at facility-constrained rates of 90 to 100 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d), which supports well designs of 100 to 200 MMcf/d.


Project milestones

2010, February

First discovery, Area 1

2014, December

Government passes LNG Decree Law

2015, October

Reserves certified, 12 MTPA

2018, February

Plan of development approved

2019, June

FID $20B committed

2019, August

Construction starts

2019, September

TotalEnergies  becomes Operator


First LNG cargo