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TotalEnergies and its Mozambique LNG Project partners provide support to events, socio-economic development initiatives, and emergency and humanitarian relief through donations and sponsorships. Unlike our social investment strategy programs, donations and sponsorship enables us to provide more immediate and responsive support for needs and opportunities that fall outside the scope of our environmental and social management programs.

Project donations and sponsorships, 2018-2020


Capacity building

Partnered with the Government of Mozambique and UNICEF to support a Palma District community campaign to increase access to identification documents and birth certificates. Overall, the campaign reached 26,402 beneficiaries by issuing 10,962 birth certificates and 15,440 identification documents.


Maputo City Swimming Association (ANCM).


Donated school desks, furniture, an IT room, and a library to Palma Secondary School.

Economic development

Provided seeds and fertilizers in support of the 2018/2019 Agrarian Campaign in Cabo Delgado.


Partnered with the District Department for Women and Social Affairs to prevent the spread of malaria in Palma. The project has sponsored two indoor residual spraying treatments at the Palma Health Center, one in 2019 and one in 2020.

Partnered with the Provincial Directorate of Health to provide 100,000 bottles of water purifier to mitigate the outbreak of cholera in Pemba, Cabo Delgado.

Health, safety, & environment

Supported the provincial directorate of Mozambique’s Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security’s (MITESS) health and safety (HSE) seminar in Pemba with communications materials. 


Partnered with the provincial directorate of Mozambique’s Ministry of Education to provide equipment for the 185 athletes who participate in the Cabo Delgado-wide School Games.


Female empowerment

Partnered with the Mozambique Basketball Federation to provide full equipment to the Senior Female Basketball Team to compete in the African Championships in Dakar, Senegal.

Education (oil and gas geology)

Partnered with Mozambique’s Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) to design and install a petroleum geology exhibition at Mozambique’s National Geology Museum.

Humanitarian Relief 

Cyclone Emergency Response

Donation to support and provide relief for the victims of Cyclone Idai in Sofala (located in the center of Mozambique)

Donation to support and provide relief for the victims of Cyclone Kenneth in Cabo Delgado in coordination with Red Cross

Donated boats to Mozambique’s National Disasters Management Institute (INGC) to support the rescue of flood and cyclone victims

Donated tents (both for families and maternal needs), seeds, and water purifier to the victims of Cyclone Kenneth in Cabo Delgado to provide relief and minimize the impact of damages


Provided support to the Gorongosa Restoration Park to develop the park’s biodiversity conservation efforts, including training of park rangers and scouts.


Partnered with True North to provide new, appropriate-sized water pumps to the Palma Se Level 2 Health Center to ensure adequacy of water supplies to the entire clinic

Rehabilitation of the Maganja Health Clinic on the Afungi Peninsula, which was damaged during an insurgent attack in January 2019.  


Donated a bus to the Palma District’s government to facilitate transportation of government staff assigned to Quitunda Village between Palma Sede and Quitunda.

Education and sports

Donated books and sports equipment to the school in Quitunda Village.

Events -

Palma Day

November 2019

Established and coordinated Palma Day to celebrate and improve the lives of those in the district by:

Donating t-shirts and caps

Provision of lunches to people donating blood

Provision of counseling and voluntary testing for chronic diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS, high blood sugar)

Providing evaluations of blood pressure and body mass index (BMI), nutritional counseling, and blood donations

Family planning counseling to raise awareness of healthy practices and tools that support better life planning

Promoting awareness about domestic violence, road safety, and early marriage

Humanitarian Relief

Sponsored use of a barge by government to transport supplies to northern districts of Cabo Delgado Province following the flooding-induced collapse of bridges on access roads to the northern districts of the province

Provided assistance to transport medical supplies from Pemba to Palma on behalf of the Provincial Directorate of Health as the flooding-induced collapse of bridges’ impact on access roads to the north has limited supply of fuel, food and medical supplies

Coronavirus Prevention, Testing and Treatment

Donation of testing kits and reagents for the PCR laboratory in Maputo to support ongoing testing for COVID-19,

Supported the establishment of a PCR laboratory for testing for COVID-19 in Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province.

Refurbishment of a ward at the Pemba General Hospital to serve as a 50-bed isolation ward in event of COVID-19 outbreak to support Cabo Delgado health authorities. 

Procured 5 ventilators for use in supporting treatment of COVID-19 positive access requiring hospitalization

Donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks, gowns, aprons, caps, boots, protective goggles and gloves for use at hospitals in Cabo Delgado Province

Donation of thermometers to relevant government authorities to promote checking of temperatures at relevant entry points (airports, ports) and at hospitals.

Donation of an isolation tent to the Level 2 health clinic in Palma District