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Amina's Big Move


To support engagement of families relocating to Quitunda, the replacement village, a pictorial booklet - “Amina’s Big Move” - was developed. “Amina’s Big Move” tells the story of Amina, a young girl, and follows her on her journey from her original coastal village to Quitunda. In the typical manner of an inquisitive young girl full of hope and expectation, Amina grapples with questions about her current and future life.

She is not alone in her quest to learn more about her future life, however, as her family and members of her community join her on her journey. Together, they contemplate and find answers to poignant questions that help them prepare for their ‘big move’.

Community Liaison Officers enacting scenes from Amina’s Big Move to families from Milamba, the first village to have made the “big move” to Quitunda.​​​

The booklet is divided into different scenes, each discussing an aspect of the current or future life of relocating families, as well as the transition process from life as it has been until now, to envisioning what it will be like once they have relocated to Quitunda.


Amina's big move

The booklet vividly depicts the new house, the village and its infrastructure, current and future means of livelihood, the envisaged social environment and the relocation process itself.Communities have warmed to Amina and her story, as her story also depicts their own lives, questions, uncertainties and journeys. The booklet is available in Portuguese and Kiswahili and provides a culturally sensitive tool to engage and prepare communities for the process of their physical relocation.

Scenes from the booklet have also been recorded and broadcast on Palma Community Radio.

Recording on radio


Take a journey with us by paging through the Amina’s Big Move booklet.