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About Tunaweza

Tunaweza is a community-driven social and economic development mechanism, composed of community members and leaders, the Mozambique LNG project and local government.

Through its Socioeconomic Development Program (SED), the Mozambique LNG project is implementing several initiatives to consolidate the project’s relationships with its stakeholders. Our approach is based on promoting local socioeconomic development initiatives in a participatory manner to empower ownership.

This mechanism promotes local capacity building and community empowerment, while encouraging trust and collaboration. It has resulted in a vibrant, project-induced and sustainable socioeconomic development movement - under one brand and with a clear relationship between the project and its stakeholders. It is called TUNAWEZA.


Tunaweza stakeholders



  • Position the Mozambique LNG project as a partner in a multistakeholder environment.
  • Build sustainable and trust-based relationships between the project and stakeholders focusing on local communities.
  • Promote participatory community engagement and ownership through the establishment of a reliable and functional mechanism.
  • Build local capacity to effectively participate in and drive community socioeconomic development.
  • Jointly identify opportunities for socioeconomic development aligned with the government plans and community needs that also aligns with Mozambique LNG’s social investment strategy.
  • Plan, engage, communicate and monitor community-driven social investment initiatives through multiyear participatory social investment plans.